Why do I do this?

Writing is the most difficult, as well as the easiest thing to do. Difficult because it take so long to get the story down on paper (I my case, Computer) then have it edited because most of the time you don’t see the little glitches or typos you made as a writer. Once it is written, editing and everything else, you have a final product. Now comes the question, do you self publish or go after a traditonal publisher? If you are like me, after my experience with traditional, you go self published. Now you search for an eye catching cover, I was lucky in finding Half-Light on figment. She does great covers even though she is now getting burnt out on making covers. So I don’t know if any of my future books will have covers like Kate makes! She is into writing her own stories now, I saw some of her work, Granted most are short stories but they are good descriptive stories that bring you in.  One day she will write some great books and have them published with awesome results. I hope she self publishesImage even though I know she is going down the traditional route first!!!! The cover shown is one of her’s! The first book in my Lightning in the Tunnel series!

I myself intend to stay self published on the rest of my books but of course if someone dangles a lot of money in my face, I could change my mind. LOL who wouldn’t but big bucks are not coming from the big guys much anymore until you already have a best seller. You still have to do most of the work getting it out there to the readers. I have just finished the Lightning in the Tunnel series with the final book, “Lightning Rages”; it is in editing right now. Chronicles of the Marauder book three is in the final stages of being finished and will do so by the end of Ocotober or early November 2013. I plan on having a big launching party for that one or Lightning Rages? I haven’t made up my mind on which one.

After Chronicles Book three is complete, I have a short story that I am writing that I have no name for it yet! While I am working on that, I will either work on “Planet of the Midnight Mists” or the sequel to stranger comes crawling!  Anyway, I have several more books in my head and my mood will depend on which one I write next for 2014 releases. Have a great day, talk back to me, I’m Listening! Are You?


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