Taking a deep breath

Placing one of the chapters in one of my books into competion has proven to be very time consuming affair in order to get it at least in the running. There is no way I can catch the leader of the pack but I gave it that good old college try. I even blogged on this site about it. You might recall “Jody’s Dilemma” that I posted for everyone to read. If you haven’t seen it on twitter or on her, you must be living in a rock, LOL! Today is the last day for it to be tweeted, pasted on facebook, LinkedIn or Google plus for it to count so I think twitter is getting tired of me posting it but that is life. I know my followers are getting tired of seeing the same tweet just different headings with #RT on it hoping it would go viral but never did. Got a lot of retweet and shares on facebook. Nothing I know of out of Google plus. I didn’t dare put it on LinkedIn, I am on probation there as it is for accidentally putting an announcement on my first Chronicles of the Marauder so I avoid that site mentioning anything about my books. Others can do it but not me! LOL. That is how life goes. 

I even offered that book on goodreads on the R2R but got no takers even free. I guess I used the wrong thread to make my offer of R2R. I will try another site in a month to make people aware. Image


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