Doing a favor

I am reaching out to you with the request to participate in the release happening this Monday October 28th.  The release is for An Ice Princess Heart (A Shard of Ice Novella) by Alivia Anders. 
I know it is a little last minute (seeing as the post happens tomorrow) but I wanted to see if you would be interested helping out with the blitz?  Below is the gorgeous book cover and blurb.  It does not have to be your top post of the day and I format everything for you so all you have to do is copy and paste.  
In order to streamline the process I have already included the post HTML (one for blogger and one for wordpress) to the email.  If you decide that you are able to post, please do so and just email me back to let me know that you posted along with the link.  
If you do not have a blog I would still love for you to participate with the release on Facebook or twitter.  Email me back and I can send you over the purchase links for a post.    
When a string of men vanish without a trace along the coast of France, Lilix Morgan seeks to uncover the source of the mysterious deaths. Aided by four other immortal Originals, they comb the coast, only to find out the horrible dark truth; one of them is the culprit.
Ice Princess Heart BLOGGER HTML.rtf Ice Princess Heart BLOGGER HTML.rtf
7K   View as HTML   Download  


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