Character Interview

I thought you would get a laugh out of this!


ImageInterview with Neil Armstrong Andrews, Captain of the Marauder!

The one question on every one’s mind is; what is it like to make love to an Alien? Neil laughs then replies, “You have to understand the circumstances. She made herself invisible, coming to me while I was dreaming of making love to my now dead, Carrie. She was cold feeling to me like she was dead, so my dream didn’t alert me she was real. In my mind I was kissing her and telling her I loved her still because I thought she was Carrie.”

How could you not know? Again he laughed. “I suspected it was a real person when they left my bed and I woke up. When I viewed the tape and no one was visible but the door to my quarters opened, then closed, I suspected it had to be Sockan, the ghost white female with…

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