Social Media is time consuming!

When I first started joining social media sites, I was spending about a half hour there and was through for the day. Now it is anywhere from six to eight hours a day with several blogs including this one, following several other blogs. Then there is the LinkedIn groups or threads I follow along with joining the groups. GoodReads always has a long list of the various groups I have joined there to learn how to write better and see what my writing is missing. That applies to the LinkedIn site as well. It became more time consuming now with me joining MARsocial. Not only am I an adminstrator of my Lightning Chronicles group where I try to stay active keeping the group motivated but I joined their author of the year competition in hopes of gaining even more exposure. My writing is now down to less than three hours a day if that. Maybe, that is a good thing so I don’t just whiz through an adventure story like normal but I am taking my time writing and rewriting it going into deeper than normal on my story. It is also the first time I am writing in the first person. I find that a greater challenge.

How about you, do you spend more time on social media than you would like?

Talk back, I’m listening even if I don’t get back to you very quick! 



10 thoughts on “Social Media is time consuming!

  1. Hi, A.G. …

    Man, do I hear ya! I face the same challenge every day – and am quickly reaching the conclusion that maybe I need to be a bit more selective about my priorities. I’m going to contemplate that for awhile today.

    I’d write more, but I really haven’t got time … 😉


  2. I used to spend a lot more time than I do now. That’s mainly due to the fact that I can’t post openly any more. Let’s just say I have a following that I would rather not be entertaining. …..

  3. I feel certain they will soon be holding 12-step programs for those addicted to social media (if they aren’t already. For myself, I was always a long-day worker, and when I was taken out of the work-force early (at the age of 53) social media became a substitute for filling the long hours of the day that would otherwise bore me to death. But Blogging has been the best, because now I spend the better part of the morning, the afternoon, and the early evening, out in the world, interacting with people, and at the same time gathering my Blog materials. Then, later at night, I actually work on the computer. So this way, I’m not overdoing the computer stuff to the detriment of life itself, and I find that works just fine for me. But anyway, before I bore you to death, I’ll be going now, and I’ll see you soon, since your page here interested me enough that I added it to my list of follows. Thanks again.

  4. I spend way more time than I like and keep trying to figure out how I can stay connected and expand my “platform” and yet streamline it somehow so that it doesn’t consume my life. Haven’t worked that one out yet…

  5. First of all, thanks for following me. Second, I am beginning to feel unbalanced with too little time spent on writing and too much time on social media, writing or reading about writing, or, worse, trying to market. And besides, so many people are just so interesting. I start out my day planning to limit social media time, but before I know it I’m well over the limit. Something has to be done!

  6. I appreciate you are following my blog. That means a lot to me!

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