Computer Glitches are driving me crazy!

My computer seems to have a mind of its own. It keeps constantly refreshing the page I am on making it difficult to post a thing. Does anyone out there have this problem. On MARsocial it won’t let my tweet for some reason so I am falling behind on tweeting my friends and follow authors. My other blog site http://booksbyagmoye.blogspot .com where I post my Lightnng Chronicles blog it took me two hours to get even a short blog done. this blog has refreshed three times and I have to finish whatever I am writing between refreshings. I might go crazy before the day is out with this. I have refreshed and updated my browser, cleaned my pc with one of those cleaning programs. Ran my virus and malware scan but nothing is showing up. My shockwave keeps crashing and Java script keeps telling me there is a problem running. I don’t know how to correct that. Anyone please help!!!!!! 


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