needle in haystack, finding it!

Of course when you have glitches on your computer, finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have cleaned my system five times. Deleted programs that I don’t use, deleted programs that I thought might be causing my problems. I know it is hidden somewhere among all my programs. I even checked to make sure there was no problems (conflicts) between chrome and adobe flashplayer causing my problems but I could only find one flash player installed by

ImageGoogle chrome. This was a recommendation by the computer geeks. But still the issue seems to stay around. By the way, how is your day going? I need to get my mind off the problems with my computer and on to something else. I guess I will go to writing more on my book called “IronHeart” a story about a young man that is thrust into the world by the death of his parents after living pretty much a sheltered life. Not yet eighteen years old but learning fast the ways of the world.

Picture of me still looking! LOL 


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