Chronicles of the Marauder

Neil speaking about Aliens!


After holding the Aliens Captive for several months, Neil decides it is time to space them or make them part of the crew. 

“Have you lost your mind?” Janice asked this time in a normal voice.

“Maybe, but I’m still in charge. We cannot keep holding them indefinitely. We have to do something, or put them out of the airlock and be done with them!” Neil stated coldly. Neil looked around the bridge, seeing the same fear that Janice showed on their faces. Leaning back in his chair, he spoke softly but effectively. “We all grew up more or less watching movies or TV shows, where the aliens are friends and allies of the humans in the future. The future is now. Shall we run and hide like they did in the early movies that frightened everyone? Are aliens something to be feared or should we embrace the future, to see if humans and aliens can live side by side?they are different? Or do we allow the difference not to be noticed and accept them as humans, just different?” 

Below is a remark by the editor to the author.

 Extremely powerful speech!  Very relevant even to today’s society.  Just wanted to comment that I think it’s great!!! Each of you must ask in your heart what is right. Do we just kill the aliens because they are not human?

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