In Final editing!

I have been very sick and unable to post anything for several days but I am now recovered enough to do something. Last night I submitted “Sasha; a beam of light” back to my editor after making her suggested changes. Now wait on her response, she hopes to have it done by the weekend. That would be nice making it my first publication of 2014. I have not stopped writing other books while my other books are in editing. Still to edited is Chronicles of the Marauder book three and Lightning Rages, I will get them edited when I have the money to do so. Editing is not cheap and if you don’t do it the books don’t sell so if you plan on publishing make sure you have a good editor. Hopefully, one that you can afford even though they might not be the best, they will make your book salable. I am currently working on Jody’s Dilemma mainly and IronHeart when the mood strikes me. 

For those that never heard of Sasha, it is a story about a young woman that finds herself cast out of her body into the space while her body remains forever frozen in a glass tomb. Guided by a little green devil looking creature that provides her with a tiny sail craft to travel in along with teaching her how to be immortal as nothing but a beam of light. Any planet that she passes, she soon discovers she can take on the life form of anything just deceased breaking life back to the form. Follow her in her various adventures in her travels through light.Image Talk back, I’m listening even if my ears are still plugged up with congestion. 


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