Cover ready, Book Not!

My latest book has the cover ready to go but my editor is sick and unable to do the final edit of Sasha: A beam of light. I don’t know if it was my writing that made her sick or did I pass through the internet connections my flu bug? It seems like anything is possible these days so I wouldn’t be surprised if she caught it from me. LOL. In the meantime, I am back to writing on my two books in the works right now, Jody’s Dilemma and IronHeart. I was focusing on Jody more but last night and today my mind wants to work on IronHeart. Maybe because it is my first attempt at writing in the first person that I am having so much difficulty in writing it. At the pace I am going, it will take all year to write it which is not normal for me. Do you find it is harder writing in the first person? I am sure whenever it is finally done, my editor will have a field day trying to make it flow write and removing the excessive garbage from it. Here is another look at Sasha’s cover. 

Talk back I’m listening!


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