Finding Love!

Beside your children and parents, finding a partner that loves you and you love them is one of the great searches you find as you go through life. I have been fortunate finding three women that love me and I love them. Unfortunately, one died of cancer and one died of a massive heart attack. My third love, is still going strong and we are growing old together. I can’t say I’m growing old gracefully, she is but I refuse to grow old. I told my children for years that I was twenty-nine. Then when they became adults, I told them I was thirty-nine. I lied for so long none of them knew my age until they hit their forties and late thirties. Finally I raised my age to fifty-nine and that is where I will stay until they are older than me, hehe! Now back to finding love. Of all my loves, I feel my love with her and her love of me was deeper than any of the previous loves. She is my lover, wife and best friend. With her, I can talk about anything and make her laugh everyday. That is the most important thing in any relationship. Laughing is what keeps you young at heart and that is the place you want to remain young at for eternity. I know I won’t live forever but the past fifteen years has been the greatest in my life. She is my biggest supporter when it comes to writing and my fabulous saleslady. I love her with all my heart as should you when you find your woman is your soul mate. Image


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