Searching for that golden book

A lot of other things have awards such as the golden mic awards and etc. In writing everyone is searching for and thinking they are writing the next best seller (Golden Book). Most of us start off writing just because that is what we do but when we finish, we look at it and feel it is the next golden book! Sadly to say, it will take years before you get anyone to really notice it especially if you are a Indie writer. I chose to go the route of Indie when for two years my publisher told me they had not sold a single copy. I knew they were lying because my friends and family bought some and had me to sign it afterwards. I knew then they were a two bit company then so I turned my back on them and letting my contracts expire. I just want to warn fellow newbie authors to be wary before you sign a deal with some of these publishing companies. check on Editors and predators site and see what other writers are saving about the company. I know it is tempting to sign right away feeling you are on your way, you just got published. I learned the hard way and when I learned that  even though I had to do all the work to get my books out there, they still denied any sales. Since I had to do all the work, why should I share with them (getting only eight percent on each book sold) money that should come to me? That was my deciding factor to go Indie! What was your deciding factor? Being an unknown, you will not get any or much advance so your only choice is Indie. That way you will get a greater percentage of the money earned off your books. Why not, you got to do all the work anyway! If you noticed that since the first year I was published I do not try to sell any of my books by that company only my Indie books. Why try to push them and have them to lie to you. I am going to remove those books from my Amazon site  and my web site letting them die a slow death if they are not dead already. They offered to let me buy back my rights but I chose to let the contract run its course. Do you think I am doing right? Just wondering. Talk back I’m listening!Image


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