Ignoring Valentine’s Day

Lovers, do not let this day pass without you acknowledging your better half in some way or another. We quit giving each other cards and I quit giving her any sweets after finding she didn’t eat them. Usually a year or two later she would toss them. Flowers I gave to her two years in a row and she let me know she really didn’t care for me to waste my money on them. So over the years, we have finally came down to just doing something special on that day. It makes her happy and me as well. For most people this would not seem Valentine’s Day but to us, it is. We show our love for each other daily so we don’t need a special day or cards, sweets, flowers to say it. I am lucky, most do not feel this way so beware, if you don’t have an understanding, hell will be to pay for a few weeks until it is forgotten about. Love is a strong bond but yet a fragile bond that can start cracking if you don’t pay attention! So everyone out there, pay attention!

The closest I come in one of my books to it being a love story or sorts is my book “T.T. Gristman” and my book “Stranger Comes Crawling” Where an alien lands on Earth and within seventy two hours has married a human. Not for love but realized she might be able to hide from the authorities. ImageThis was the story that I wrote that got me into the finals of Marsocial, Author of the Year contest.  


2 thoughts on “Ignoring Valentine’s Day

  1. love hearing what other couples do on Valentines day..You are one of the lucky ones AG..

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