Self Publishing Can be a hassle for a writer

Since more and more are self publishing which means you find the editor, Cover designer, proofreader and then you have to format the book for different sites. Each one can be a hassle if you don’t do it right. I have Amazon down pat having so many books on it already published there so it published within a few minutes. Then I set about formatting it for Createspace. Having done that it took about two hours to make sure it was right for them. I had no problem once I uploaded it. Where my problem came was trying to use the same cover for my paperback that I did for my ebook. They kept rejecting it because the letter was too close to the edges. I went to Pixer express and tried to change it, I already paid to have it designed so I was determined to use it. After three days of rejecting it, I went back to the book cover designer and had the wording moved around. It looks good to me but I still am waiting on Createspace to accept it. Each rejection means waiting for twenty-four hours for them to do so when it goes into review before they will accept it. Last time, I had trouble with the formatting and keeping the beginning of the Chapters at the top of the page. This time it was no problem learning from my last headache doing so. Just stupid cover this time. So goes life but I am pleased to announce my novella “Sasha: A beam of Light” is now on Amazon in ebook form. Hopefully by the end of the week it will also be available in paperback on AmazonImage. anyway, you can read a little of it at for anyone interested in my most weird story. Talk back, I’m listening.  


3 thoughts on “Self Publishing Can be a hassle for a writer

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  2. Oh I know how you feel A.G. My friend spent a weekend with me teaching me how to understand the basics of word so I could format my books for publishing. I used to write in Rough Draft as it was the easiest for me to understand, but it’s not the best for formatting. Have you tried Smashwords? I did struggle with that but got it in the end. The headache is beginning to subside – a month later, lol.

    • Jean, I know the first time I tried Smashwords, it seemed to take forever for me to get it right even after reading their directions. I picked up the interior directions very easy and have no trouble now but still have problems with their cover requirements. It seems it is never big enough for them. A.G.

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