Catching Up is hard to do unless you work at it!

Like most that have something in their lives disrupt the normal, I fell behind on promised reviews and now I am seeing daylight after doing Three reviews. Jane Dougherty’s “In the Beginning”, Ian Miller’s “Troubles”  and today, A.J. Raven’s “Arousing the Legacy”  Each book was different, that is not unusual but I still enjoyed reading their stories and giving my take on them. Even the ones in the genre that I don’t normally read were able to hold my attention and enjoy. I know that most reviewers don’t give good reviews out of their reading genre but I did because the stories were so compelling in their own way. What I do find is it is hard to write a compelling review of the subject matter that will interest the readers in their books but I tried. I am adding my review of A.J.Raven’s book to this post. 

Review of Arousing the Legacy by A.J. Raven

-Five teenagers, three males and two females find themselves involved in a battle with Vampires and Werewolves in this story. I’m not normally reviewing stories of this type but as I read I became engrossed into the story and found it highly entertaining. The story is set in a small town of Colville during summer vacation. The main character, Anya keeps her fears to herself that one of their group was a vampire. She tries all the movie tricks to bring her suspicions to her friends but nothing seems to work.

Anya, the black haired, brown eyed teenager is the main character but shares the spotlight with Susan.

Susan, the blonde haired teenager is Anya’s best friend and hangs with her most of the time.

Carl, the black haired teenager with glasses, Anya suspects is the vampire when evidence shows he changed especially when he tried to bite Susan who was unaware of it at the time.

Eric, the brown haired teenager that is strange to them.

David, the blue eyed light haired teenager that moves into Colville and becomes part of the group.

Tabitha, the strange black haired green eyed girl that befriends Anya in the end. That has all kinds of strange books in her front room.

All in all, it turned out to be an interesting and enjoyable read if you are into this stuff. I can’t wait to read her next book in this series. After you read it, you will wait for the next book to come out like me.  


I provided a link for those that wish to read part of it or to download it. 

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