Stop shouting! We hear you!

It just annoys me when someone starts shouting in a crowded room just as some bloggers do on the Internet. No need to shout, if you have something worth listening too, we will but when you shout most people turn off their hearing like they have hearing aids and do not comprehend a word you saying. Speak in a normal voice and we will hear everything you have to say whether we like it or not. Just don’t speak in a monotone voice, you don’t want to put us to sleep for heaven’s sake. Long ago, I learned to speak in a low voice avoiding shouting that enabled me to get my point across without riling most attendees up. They listen because you had something to say and did it in a non threatening manner. When you shout, it raises the hackles of most people and they fail to hear anything you had to say even if it was worth while.

Now on to another subject, My latest work has been released on Amazon at http://B00IH0QDSS and it is now available. Drop by and take a look, you might find it an interesting read. Here is the cover so you can’t miss it. LOLImage   


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