Bookish Banter – Featured Author – Robert K. Swisher Jr.

Laura always does great interviews, A.G.

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Saturday 1st March 2014
Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author…
Robert K. Swisher Jr.
My name is Robert K. Swisher Jr. During my writing career 14 of my novels have been released by traditional publishers and 5 I have indied.  During this time I have held around 3,000 part time jobs.  At one time to support my writing I thought about a life of crime but it is too complicated.
LOL That’s the good thing about being a writer – at least you can commit the crimes in your books and get away with it!  

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I was raised in the army and never had what one calls a true home. Since I got out of the army I have spent the majority of my time in New Mexico.  It…

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