Editors should not change the story to fit someone else’s ideal!

When you think you have it right?


When you think you have it right along comes someone to trying to tell you to do it different or that is not the way it is done! The grammar police want everything done just the way they would do it but I find it impossible to tell a good story their way. It is dry and boring. The editor says there is too much fluff in my stories, (he may be right) LOL but that is the way I like to tell my stories. I don’t spend a lot of time telling about what they are wearing unless it is essential to the story. Sometimes I do describe the surroundings in more details than I would normally do, again if it is essential to the reader to know the surroundings. What I prefer to do is to show what it happening by dialog, facial expressions and tone of voice speaking the way most people speak, not the English teacher version. I don’t use a lot of cuss words because I believe cussing is a sign of lower intelligence but once in a great while my characters will cuss when it is appropriate for the events occurring even then it is very rare. I try to show anger when it is necessary. All in all, I write my style not copying someone else’s style. I think it is hard for most grammar teachers to understand my writing style and just read the story as it is written. What do you think? Reposted from my other blogsite!

Talk back, I’m listening! 


3 thoughts on “Editors should not change the story to fit someone else’s ideal!

  1. keep writing the way you want AG, Never let anyone tell you how you’re supposed to write. You are creative. Its your vision, your book. Most critiques couldn’t write a book if their lives depended on it..

  2. You are absolutely right AG.Through the wooden academic language you can’t transmit emotions and feelings and as a reader point of view,this is what I want to see in a book.I am not a native English speaker,I made lots of mistakes,but if a book impress with its message I think its not that important if there is a comma missing or too many.

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