Chronicles of the Marauder- editing

ImageSome may ask, Why they haven’t heard much about this lately and the answer is simple. After paying for an editor, the book still had too many mistakes for me to push it any longer.I have not pulled it from the market but I am working as part of a team to edit it right and make it the book I intended it to be. A great adventure series filled with emotions, danger and close calls while facing the problems that will occur when you mix humans and all their emotions with aliens that have totally different emotions or none at all being members of the crew. Using an editing team instead of just one editor is expensive but I feel the series deserves the best editing it can get.Hopefully, I will be uploading the re-edited, edited book one in another month. Until then, over look some of the glaring errors and enjoy the series. If you can’t then wait, it will be out! Have a nice day and Talk back, I’m listening. 


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