When do you un-follow on twitter?

ImageI usually do so after a couple of weeks of anyone not following me back. Since I follow back anyone that originally follows me, I feel they should do the same. Why should I read tweets from them if they are not reading mine. That is my philosophy on that. I know some have a program to automatically un-follow someone that does not follow them but I prefer to do it the old fashion way, I know it is more time consuming doing it this way but I like doing it by hand so I can look at once again what these people including have on their sites. As the list grows and hopefully yours does, you tend to forget what some of them are offering. Such as book cover designers. I will be in the market for them in a few months. Right now, I am going through each of my published books with a fine tooth comb with my fabulous editing team, then I will republish my books with new exciting covers. All those I self published, the others will have to wait until my contract runs out. Getting back to twitter, I don’t understand why or how some people have thousands of followers yet fllows only one to two. I guess their shit don’t stink?  Talk back, I’m listening.   


11 thoughts on “When do you un-follow on twitter?

  1. I disagree. I follow people if I want to read what they say. I don’t really care if they follow me or not. I don’t feel any obligation to follow someone just because that person follows me–if the content doesn’t interest me, I won’t bother.

    • On my blogs, that is way I feel but on twitter, I feel those that don’t follow me are not interested in what I have to say, so I unfollow them.

    • I just unfollowed a hundred people. Most of the so called celebrities think their better than the rest of us. They brag about all the followers they have but give nothing back. Those are the people I unfollowed.

  2. I follow a lot of people that don’t follow me. Now sometimes I see things I don’t care for and that’s when I will unfollow..Great Post AG..

  3. Thanks, I put your review by Coleman on Tumbler. A.G.

  4. I tried to follow someone this morning, but Twitter said, nah uh, you can’t follow any more until you get more followers. So i joined unfollow and unfollowed a few. I then followed the one I wanted to. 🙂

    • That is one way of doing it. I guess I should join un-follow so it won’t take up so much of my time checking on who follows me. A.G.

      • I’m not sure if the unfollows are automated. I brought up a list and just unfollowed a couple so I could follow more. Like you, I’d like to go through that list and check out who I’ve followed and why before I unfollow any. Now I’m hoping I can ’cause I know of a couple off the top of my head that don’t follow me, but I want to follow them.

  5. I don’t see the point in following anyone (on any site or service) unless you actually want to see what they have to say. If they don’t find what I’m saying of interest to them, that’s just fine, as I have a better idea of whether what I’m taking my time to write is actually of interest to anyone.
    When people constantly send invites and expect to be invited back, all it does is create an illusion of a broad readership that doesn’t exist.

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