Pure Trash – Bette A.Stevens



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Prejudice,class division,poverty,injustice and bullying – Bette A.Stevens

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Excerpt from “PURE TRASH” By Bette A, Stevens

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A trip through PURE TRASH continues…
As a baby boomer that grew up in an average middle-class family in America during the 1950s and 1960s, poverty was not something I had to dwell on or even think about as a child or as a teen. As an adult, I learned what living in poverty was like from friends and acquaintances that grew up in this invisible (to me) world―one where being poor was an accepted part of life for those who lived it. I became intrigued by some of their stories. ~ Bette A. Stevens

“It’s 1955 and we’re entering scene 2. So hop off your bike…
(That’s right—the one you hopped on in scene 1 and pedaled for three miles to get here.)

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One thought on “Pure Trash – Bette A.Stevens

  1. Just caught up to this one. Great post and blog. Have fun.

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