So you are a new author, did you do it right?

Long before your first book is written, you should have established an on line presence to build your platform and establish yourself by making connections. I did not, so I am still suffering. If not, you better get busy. Hopefully you can make up for lost ground.(SELLS)

Now that the book is written, did you pay for a professional editor? If you don’t have the money then at least have several look at it and have it read out loud so you can listen to the story to see your flaws in the storyImage, so you can make improvements.. At least get a proof reader to catch typos and glaring mistakes. I had my books proof read but didn’t hire a professional to edit my books and now I am paying the price (Loss of sales, poor reviews) I hired a professional editor to go back and do my books.It is costly and time consuming but by the end of the year, they will have been properly edited.

Now you have done all that, get your book published and through your platform and connections, you can get the word out. If it is only an ebook, some things are easily done but still if you are an unknown be prepared for the long haul to get your sales up to par. Use every tool at your disposal to spread the word, use KDP free days, price roll backs and rafflecopter giveaways. Join GoodReads if you haven’t already along with other sites, Shelfari,LibraryThing, Marsocial, AuthorsDen, ASMSG, and LinkedIn along with your blogs to make yourself known. You can join many pay sites that will help get the word out if you have money to spare. They will help spread the word but remember, Author promotion is still your greatest challenge, not writing the high-quality book but marketing. Like all authors you have to do the leg work, no one can carry the load for you! Have great day, more tips forthcoming. TALK BACK, I’M LISTENING!    


2 thoughts on “So you are a new author, did you do it right?

  1. Thanks for your follow. Good publishing points.

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