Written Word engages you!

No matter if you are sitting, standing, walking, lying down or somewhere in between. You are giving your brain the exercise it needs to keep active, making use of your imagination keeps that part from becoming senile by creating in your mind the scenes of action, sorrow and happiness the writer is trying to paint in the story. When actively engaged, your emotions allow you to feel what the writer is trying to portray. That is what writing is all about, getting you to feel, smell, taste and respond to the words you read. A good author  uses words prompting the readers senses and emotions. Even identical stories written by different authors will cause you to respond differently. When a writer fails to engage the reader, most never return to read another of the books by the same author. If the reader is not drawn into the story, they will put it down. If written by a well known author, they keep reading hoping the story will bloom suddenly. Whether the reader likes or dislikes a particular genre, they will read it if you write to engage the reader. Hopefully, each of us writers become better with each book we write. I found that true, as I look back on my earlier work, with each book I became better at keeping the reader engaged. To all readers out there, if a particular writer did not engage you in their first work, check out something later. If they are a multi-genre like myself, you might find some of their other works more to your liking.

Most of my works can be found on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/author/agmoye or on Smashwords for those not using kindle. Of course all my books are available in paperback as well. Talk back, I’m listening.    


One thought on “Written Word engages you!

  1. Congrats on your blog site. I’m a newbie to the Rave Reviews Book Club. @ElaineColette

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