Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights

When the creative juices start flowing, this is what can happen.

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - personal intuitive insights

Sunday 4th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights

Awakenings can take on many forms but all awakenings require awareness, which is Light, literally as if a light bulb is switched on – illumination of the situation. And what is the situation? Today I feel as if the universe is speaking to me. I can feel it deep in my body, a vibration, like a pulsing of a frequency that switches on and off. It’s always been there but today I feel like it has meaning, purpose – a message that speaks of beginnings, transitions and the start of an expanding bubble of energy, and that energy is will, intention, choice, action…let the will of heaven flow through action. These are the words the universe brings to me today.

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