My Review of “How Children Learn”

How Children Learn- my review
By Jason Stanley PHD. My review of his book designed for teachers and other education administrators. In my humble opinion, Jason put together a very informative book for teachers promoting the concept of Brain Based Learning and Teaching. Using examples, he goes through the steps of comparing normal teaching to use of the brain based learning and teaching. Since this is my first review of a manual for teachers, I’m a little unsure of what I can say not being a teacher of education administrator myself. It appears to have a intelligent chronological flow comparing current practices with what would be gained using this new teaching method. Jason provided me with a PDF file for my honest review. He does not provide the exact details of the Brain Based Learning and Teaching, for this you have to purchase another of his books. This one just compares his BBL and T to current teaching methods and the results when it was used in the classroom. Take a look at it at this link:


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