My Review of Retribution by Charles R. Stubbs

Retribution by Charles R. Stubbs-my review


I gave this a four and half stars but only four on Amazon since I couldn’t give it a half star. I didn’t quite love it but I liked the story as written by Charles. The only thing that bugged me about the story was that there were gaps (Blank spaces) in the middle of some of the words. I am sure it was caused in the uploading and converting the story into Mobi. Otherwise, the story is a gripping story that will keep you riveted to the book to find out what happens next. Set in the context of how the tabloids rush stories to print without knowing the whole truth just to be the first to print the stories. In their rush to print, countless lies are told that people believe and some end up destroying the lives of those they fabricate the story about. This story is about how a murder sets in motion a series of events that brings back most of the characters in Charles’s “Web of Deceit series”. Here is the link to this book on Amazon  

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