So you ask for a review?

DSCF3877Some Times I get bombarded with requests for reviews and I normally read the book and do a review that I post on my blog “Lightning Chronicles” at then a couple days later on this blogspot especially if I rate it four stars or higher. This summer since I am working outside a lot, I don’t get much chance to read and review, so I am running behind. But there is no excuse for forgetting all about doing a book review or reading it. I found that I had several books in my files that I forgot to review and hope when summer is over, I can get caught up. So if I agreed to review your book several months ago, email me to remind me to do so. I will not get upset if you do.Email me at I guess as I get older, things slip my mind easier. The only ones that I make sure I get done are the ones where I am part of a blog tour and have a certain day that I have to post it. I have one coming up on August 24th so I have started reading the book so I can write my review. All others will have to take a back seat until I have done that including the ones that I forgot from last winter and spring. Sorry about that, authors, I will get to reducing my backlog as quickly as I can. Have a great day and Talk Back, I’m listening (at least some of the time! LOL)


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