Do you ever have to make choices?

8242144539_bbff92029f_bbeginsBrad was in a quandary, after breaking into the vending machines to get food to survive, he was about to leave when Michele Davis walked in demanding to know what was going on. She was the reason he and his wife Vicki fought last night over that damn kiss he gave Michele at the Christmas Party. Now, he was faced with the choice of taking her with him down into the shelter or letting her die with the rest of the fools that did not have a survival plan all worked out. Torn between ignoring her questions and just leaving her standing there and going about his business. He knew Vicki would think they set this up some how last night even though it was not logical, you know how women think. No one plans to have a nuclear bomb to use as an excuse to spend time together in a shelter away from others. Brad took a few seconds to decide but knew time was running out and they needed to get into the shelter or the would both die.

Read Brad’s decision in Lightning in the Tunnel Begins available in ebook from Amazon, Apple and Smashwords along with paperback from Createspace. Drop by my Author site at  


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