Lightning Rages- behind the scenes

10215582593_2b638a69e4A few months ago, I posted the cover of  Lightning Rages for the world to see while it is being edited. It is still in editing and may make it out before Christmas. This was suppose to be the final book of the Lightning in the Tunnel series even though I created two spin offs, Jody’s Dilemma”  and “Cat’s Cry”. The series was supposed to end but an idea for one more popped into my head so the story will continue. The book right now is called “The Zuumarans” . I should have it finished sometime in 2015 but I’m not sure with two other books I am working on. I just couldn’t let the series go even with the spin offs even though my wife wanted me to end the series saying it was too long. Right now, I’m am currently rewriting the first book of the series called “Lightning in the Tunnel Begins”  I know most people say that you should not rewrite your books over and over after they are published but I feel I can make it even better. A lot of writers are embarrassed when they go back and reread their first book since most writers get better in time after a few books. Since only a few writers come out with perfect books their first time out of the gate, I feel it is necessary.. I have fifteen books published and feel it was not until the fifth book did I start to get it right, not perfect, but better. I don’t feel I will ever write the perfect book but I want each one to be the best it can be.

I am currently still working on “IronHeart” and my first western type book called “Saddle Spur”. IronHeart is fiction literature set in the present day. It might take me over a year to write this book since it is the first time I have written a story in the first person instead of the third person.

How is your day going, I am fighting an infection in my leg and being a diabetic, it doesn’t want to heal. Today was the first day when it looked like it was starting to close and heal up.

Talk back, I’m listening and you can follow this blog or rebog it to your followers, that will make my day! LOL


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