What more can you do after being President of a United Earth?

8242144309_34207b1449_bneedXAfter serving two terms as President of a united Earth called the Republic of Terra and at last ending all wars on Earth, you would think Brad would be happy retired with his many wives on his ranch living out his finals days. This was where I planned to end the “Lightning in the Tunnel” series but I wanted my characters to live on. Events transpired where he could come out of retirement and perform other adventures with his wives. Alien contact ends his peaceful life when they contacted one of his many wives. She was the Admiral in charge of the Terran space exploration fleet orbiting Saturn. Earth’s authorities were becoming increasingly paranoid after the Martian bug took many lives and was highly contagious. The wife, Cat contacted Brad instead of the authorities feeling they would shoot first and talk later. The family having the money to go into space, decided it would be best if they went into space and so Brad and his wives head into more adventures. A.G.


2 thoughts on “What more can you do after being President of a United Earth?

  1. Don’t you love it when a story say “I’m not done yet!”? Sounds interesting, will have to look this one up.

  2. I might enjoy it. I loved writing the series. A.G.

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