Understanding yourself

One of the most difficult things anyone has to do is to understand what is you. Others see you in one light, like those in your family. Those in your work place see you entirely different. Looking in the mirror, is no help if you still see yourself when you were in your prime. At times it is necessary to stare into the mirror and really see what you look like now, not twenty years ago. After you take this first step, Observe your flaws, no one is perfect as they age. Then go sit down or meditate on the floor analyzing yourself. I know when I was a Manager, I was a total company person, doing what was best for the company; that in turn was best for me. This approach worked well for me. My reviews were always great and the raises kept coming. Climbing the corporate ladder was steady until I reached the point where I had to review myself then submit it to my superiors. That was where I started running into problems. I tend to be more critical of myself and reluctant to brag about my highlights. My raises tend to be less than the maximum, like before and I was given targets to improve what I considered weaknesses. Just as I am reluctant to brag or push my books, I don’t want to brag about myself. Over the years, I have become less critical about myself, trying to look how others perceive me, not as I see myself. That makes me view myself in an entirely different light. How do you see yourself, are you more critical of yourself than others are? Talk back, I’m listening.

Me hard at work


One thought on “Understanding yourself

  1. I’m so glad I’m not along in this self promoting stuff. Isn’t it crazy how we will promote the hell out of other author’s books but we don’t want to push our own? I’m with you on this one A.G.. I will help others if asked and be the first post when another author has a new book out.
    But my own I’m reluctant to boast about. I keep it in the top corner of my blogs and I really don’t like to mention it too often. Yes every now and again I will re-post, tweet it, or share it on Facebook or Google. But If you go to my pages it’s other authors work that you’ll see before mine. What’s wrong with us A.G? Buy the way, I don’t see your book anywhere. Lol..

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