Why not me?

My thought for the day!


AS I write posts for this blog and at the moment I don’t have many followers.  This may be discouraging to some and probably to me in my past.  where I would let something so little discourage me from achieving my goals and finishing something I loved to do.  Just from a simple, yet terrible thought.  I can’t do this.  Sounds crazy but we talk ourselves out of at least one thing per day.  Me?  thousands of things.  It’s easier to stay in my comfort zone, not venturing out into something that could be extremely exciting or could be dangerous, but I would never know.

As I type this re-reading the first line I cant help but wonder how I would feel reading this one year from now with thousands of readers wondering why I would type something so horrid.  That’s my thoughts of course.  But back to the question…

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