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DSCF3877I am slowly starting to follow more and more blogs. I usually follow when they blog about something that interest me even annoy me. One in particular, I like is Laura Cream’s Well in the Garden blog another I usually read or enjoy the pictures of Cindy Knoke and the turmoil of the opinionatedman on his Harshrealty blog. to me the Opinionatedman blogs so much that he is bound to find something that irritates you or your followers. As I follow more and more blogs, I am getting the picture that there is a lot of bloggers out there that really don’t have much to say, they only want to sell you something or offer you an enticement to something. A few blog about their problems in life and that interest me, I want to know they have similar problems. LOL I have decided to follow four new blogs per day even if they don’t interest me. What do you do? Talk back, I’m listening


8 thoughts on “Blogs I follow

  1. It’s a tough one and I’ve never known quite how to play it. If we followed OM’s practice, we’d follow everyone! I find that difficult as it goes against my sense of fair play and honesty if I’m never likely to look at their blogs again.

    How strange – the tick box beside ‘Notify me…’ isn’t showing so I shall have to remember to come back to see your reply!

    • I know this is a tough one but I try to look at each blog when time allows and follow more blogs. If I can I try to comment on most of those I look at and follow using just a like when I have nothing to say.

  2. I spend my days looking for employment even though I know I won’t find anything worth while. I still believe in trying. I guess I still believe there are miracles. I write about everything that moves me.

  3. Either way, I appreciate the follow, Mr Moye! I agree with following new blogs, but only those that I know will offer me a vantage point that is very similar to my kind of thinking, or completely disrupts it. That being said, I’m a somewhat slow walker and it often takes me awhile for me to commit to clicking on the ‘Follow’ button. Women and commitment issues, these days…

  4. Thanks for following nutsrok. I am not selling anything. I just like to write and read.

    • Not selling is okay. I don’t usually push any of my works on my blogs but do push others. I like to read other’s blogs and hope to find something interesting on them. Have a great day and talk back, I’m listening. A.G.

  5. Yup, OM’s blog is great! Interacting is fun but a lot of work to keep up with all the blogs… Commenting on each post would be ideal, although the “like” button is an easy way to say “hi” you’ve been by 🙂 ♥ ❤

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