Fall changes

collage two sifiIt has been a very productive summer around my house. We paneled the bedroom, looks great. We paneled the bathroom giving it at old fashion look. We had a very successful garden. Love fresh home grown tomatoes (They have flavor instead of being bland like those store bought ones). Needless to say, didn’t get much new writing done this summer but I still did some. Worked mainly on my western (Saddle Spur) and my fiction book about a young man after the death of his parents has to suddenly grow up and face the real world. Before all he cared about was football and nothing else. His over protective mother shielded him from it. I should complete it this winter and put it in editing. I changed the hayloft into what my wife is calling a man cave to have a spare bedroom. We only have a one bedroom house so if anyone comes to visit, it is a pain. Now, there will be room. So it has been a fairly busy summer but slowly down some now, allowing me time to work more on my books. I had to go off line while she painted and remodeled the computer/library room. She re-did the front room already so now she is tackling my space. My computer used to be in the corner, now she has moved me almost to the center of the room. Where I sit before, I could look out two windows while writing in my head my books. Now, I have to look out the door during my spaced out time writing in my head. During the winter of course the door will be closed so I don’t know what I will do then. I will figure it out. LOL

Talk back, I’m listening and have a great day.


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