8188876205_bbf9fde75e_nHalloween is a difficult holiday in America but for me, I always look back on it with fine memories. As a young child, it was the day when I would get more sweets than I could eat and would make them last for at least a week. During my childhood time, there was less store bought candy and  a lot of homemade treats. I used to love getting brownies wrapped in wax paper or homemade candy wrapped like wise. To me, that was better than the store bought stuff. Now days, if anyone gave you a homemade treat, the parents would throw them away not trusting what was in them. With so many sick people out there today, you just have to! Today, most costumes are store bought, in my day very few wore store bought costumes. I never had one. All my costumes were hand made and our faces colored. I did buy store bought for my children, I guess I was lazy compared to my mother who spent her time dressing us up. She would ask us what we wanted to be and went about making us look like what we wanted. Did your parents do any home made designs for you? I just wondered if parents bother to do that for their children or do you do like me and just buy store bought stuff. Living at the edge of town, in our small town, we never get any trick or treat children out here in all the time I have lived here.

Have a great spooky day. Talk back I’m listening.


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