Why is It So Hard to Get Readers to Write Reviews?

Annie is very clear. The least you can do is a one word comment on Amazon to help out the Indie writers.

The perception of Annie

Do you write reviews?..

Before I published my first and only book I must have read every article and every excerpt that came out about indie writing and publishing.

But the one thing they don’t tell you is how to get the readers to write a simple honest review.

I have to say that beside doing promotional stuff, getting readers to post a review has been the hardest part of writing.
But then I didn’t write many reviews before I became a published author either.
I had no idea writers count on reviews to sell their books.
But now that I do know I make sure I write a review as soon as I’m finished with the book.
It’s easy, just hit the star you think represents how much you liked the book, which for me is always at least a three.

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2 thoughts on “Why is It So Hard to Get Readers to Write Reviews?

  1. I write reviews on my blog sometimes.

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