Bad day blogging?

stay focused-orlando espinosa This eagle has more focus than I do today. I don’t know what my body is fighting, it is not something that antibiotics will cure, I was on them for twenty-one days but still I have head congestion, ears tend to plug and my ability to focus disappears as fast as it comes back. I hope this blog makes sense if not my normal blogging errors will stand out. I hope you are not dealing with this, one blogger called it “funk”. I guess that is a good word for it. Lack of concentration and the feeling that you don’t want to do a thing. I force myself to go out to the barn where we relocated the exercise machine this summer but it is below freezing outside and my hands even wearing gloves were cold but not the rest of me. I forced myself to do twenty minutes instead of sitting here and letting my sugar go out of control being a diabetic. I normally walk a mile and half each morning but with this funk and cold weather, I have not walked since last Wednesday. So my blood sugar stays high meaning I get two insulin shots per day instead of my usual one. The pills I take do nothing if I just sit around, so today I was determined to do something even though it probably is not enough. If my head will clear up and allow me to focus, I will go for a walk in the morning and get back into my routine even though it is suppose to be under twenty degrees in the morning, I will still do it.

As you may have noticed, I am hosting a lot of blog tours, trying to introduce new authors or their new books. Drop by and check some of them out. They are struggling like you and I trying to get readers for their work. Some of their books may not interest you but others that read this blog will find good reading material. For those science fiction readers out there, take a look at my  “Chronicles of the Marauder, Marauder Rising, book one”. It has been re-edited and a newer re-edited book will be uploaded to Amazon shortly. I think I have made it even better but check it out and see for yourself.

Anyway, try to have a great day and talk back, I’m listening and get your friends to follow this blog so they can learn about some of the new books coming out for Christmas. Have them check out “Read Tuesday” on December 9 for some really good deals.


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