Scanning for virus, malware and other things- not a waste of time

DSCF3877 Saturday, I spent over five hours almost six scanning my computer for anything that might be affecting it. Every time I was log on, something strange kept occurring so I ran a quick scan on my protection. NOTHING! so I went back to trying to get some work done. Same thing happened again and seemed to get worse. Every time I clicked on another person’s blog or to like a blog or even read it, my computer kept acting up. Disgusted, I finally went back and did a full scan of my computer and all my programs. It found a couple of malware programs and I deleted through my protection service even though when I scanned a quick scan, it kept reading I was protected. After the full scan, things were some what better but still not right. Instead of doing another full scan to see if it could detect something else, each scan takes four plus hours. I went to my computer program menu and found several programs listed that I never saw before. I deleted all of them and my computer has returned to normal. I have one that won’t let me delete it, When I tell it to delete, it keeps asking me to delete over and over again. I think this program is the back door they have to get into my computer. I tried ten times to delete and it keeps asking me if I’m sure but won’t go to the next step to actually delete it. If anyone out there has had this problem contact me and I will be grateful for their help.


7 thoughts on “Scanning for virus, malware and other things- not a waste of time

  1. Gosh, I hope you can get that fixed, unfortunatly I am a computer dummy. My brother got this for me and it auto-updates, it’s a Chromebook. I like it ok. Good luck!

  2. I have heard of similar problems. Microsoft or Apple have forum/chat rooms in which you can pose a specific question and search for already-answered similar questions or get others to answer yours. Best to you!

  3. Thanks, I forgot all about them. A.G.

    • Sally, I went on there and they recommended I use a program called REVO that could force the uninstall of unwanted programs. I did it and it worked then I deleted the Revo program since it was only free for thirty days. Now, my computer may be safe for the next few days, Thanks agian, A.G.

  4. Try downloading a free program called “Unlocker”. Once you install it, run the program and it will ask you to select a file. In your directory select the file you are trying to delete, and the Unlocker program will ask you what you want to do with the file you selected. Pick delete from the selections it offers. One of two things will occur. Either the file will be deleted and your problem will be solved, or, the “Unlocker” program will tell you it failed to delete the file, would you like to delete it on the next reboot?
    Select Yes, and restart your computer. When your computer reboots, the file will be deleted, problem solved. The whole problem is that the virus file has set what are known as “locking handles”, and the Unlocker program is designed to do exactly what its name implies, it unlocks the locking handles. But sometimes, it needs to reboot the computer to finish the process. It is very seldom that the Unlocker program will fail to work on the type of virus you describe. Good luck.

  5. Thanks Dbp49, I will give that a try. I thought I had it removed but it only disappeared for a short while and then reappeared. I am at my wit’s end. willing to y anything.

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