Janus Complex by Graeme Gibson-my review

Janus Complex – my review

What, Amazon won’t let me give six stars? Okay, five stars it is. An engaging book of fiction, I have read in a long time. Some Americans might find the local Scottish And British slang of the 1960’s difficult to understand but I found reading around it, I caught the meaning and could follow the story with little difficulty buy the end of the book, I was on top of it with ease. A well-written action adventure that grabs you as the story unfolds both in twenty-one year old Jaime Raeborn’s life and his loves. The author’s descriptions are just enough that you will feel like you are right there next to Jaime, feeling what he feels, seeing what he sees. Tasting his bittersweet life while he struggles through it. The sex scenes are very appropriately placed and descriptive enough to place you in the middle of the action. Even though there are several sex scenes they do not dominate the action in the troubled young man’s life. Struggling to become a man, his life is filled with heartache, sorrow and pain. I won’t go to far in-depth but will say this book will take hold of you and make you stay up late at night to find out what happens next. I purchased this almost a year ago and kept skipping over it doing reviews of other books. Now, I wonder what other gems I have in my queue that I should be reading and reviewing.

Back to the story, I am posting the opening scene for your enjoyment and a sample of this book.

Tuesday 31 October 1967 – Glasgow

It was a great day for a funeral, if you can use words like “great” and “funeral” in the same sentence, Jamie Raeburn reflected gloomily. A dense pall of smoke and dust rising from the demolition of the old Saracen Foundry hung in the damp morning air, clinging to clothes and staining buildings. When it was absorbed into the moist autumn air it became almost viscous, filling nostrils and coating tongues. It was so thick you could taste it ! And it was raining… again! But when did it ever do anything else in this God forsaken city, Jamie asked himself? He felt disconsolate and miserable and wished he could be somewhere else, anywhere else, with the events of the last year erased from his memory, like chalk marks on a pavement washed away by rain. The early morning mist that had drifted like a protective ghost around him and had penetrated into every nook and cranny of the city was lifting at last…

A small crowd had gathered, shuffling about on the pavement outside the close, and Jamie felt uncomfortable with the eyes of this throng on him. He still blamed himself for Jack Connolly’s death, even though he knew that doing so was irrational, and he still imagined accusation in every sideways glance. You’re just being paranoid he told himself angrily for the umpteenth time.

Gibson, Graeme (2013-11-17). The Janus Complex (Dark Secrets) (Kindle Locations 85-87). . Kindle Edition.

Gibson, Graeme (2013-11-17). The Janus Complex (Dark Secrets) (Kindle Locations 74-81). . Kindle Edition.

If you haven’t read or know I friend that reads a lot, especially this type of book, I highly recommend it. I loved the story so well, here are a couple of links to pick up your copy.



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