Monday, again. almost over thank goodness

b1fda-closeupfour2Monday, the start of the work week always seems to arrive to quick. Even though I am retired from normal work, I still dread Monday. Even though I no longer hold down a regular job, still Monday, I work out my schedule for the week. How much time should I spend writing, how many guest posts should I have on my blogs? How many books should I  read and review, which books should I chose. Since I don’t charge for my reviews and normally never commit to a time frame, it is left up to my desecration on what to review. Do I have any blog tours scheduled this week? Those along with checking with my wife what is planned by her are the items I consider on Monday. I tweet a lot about the subject of my blogs along with re-tweeting other’s tweets. Especially members of A.S.M.S.G and R.R.B.C. Sometimes I tweet Marsocial tweets but not as much as I used to, my site there is sort of inactive. Then I ask myself, how much time should I spend on LinkedIn or GoodReads. I do spend a lot of time there discussing or reading the discussions. By the time I get my road map complete, the day is gone, thank goodness. How was your day? Anything come up unexpected? The unexpected is what throws my week off, depending on my mood is another. Some days I just don’t wish to follow the outline and just do my own thing, like this blog.

On another front, I am toying with creating a web site on WordPress. I have two sites on Google but I guess when they were created I did not know how to use them effectively and they have just sat there. I update them once a year, I guess I should update them more instead of creating another that is easier to change and improve.

talk back, I’m listening. Have a great week.


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