Why do I re-blog and other idiotic thoughts.

b1fda-closeupfour2Maybe  I should start this blog off with a new picture but I haven’t uploaded a new one so you are stuck with my usual. I re-blog articles that I find that interesting enough for me that make a statement that I agree with. Whether it is about writing or an author talking about their work. Sometimes I re-blog reviews by others but very rarely. What is your key to re-blogging?

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading while letting others do guest posts. Even if I don’t find what they are posting about interesting, I publish them and promote them on my sights. Most are just book tours or book promotions so sorry about flooding you with a bunch of those. But wait, there is more to come! This reminds me of those ads on TV that say but wait, if you order this right now, we will add this or that. This is usually for an over priced item that is why they are offering something extra to lure you in. KDP is doing the same with their matchbook offer so you will by the book. Maybe, no one is interested in getting a ebook if they bought the book. A lot of authors are bundling their series into one book at one price. Have you ever done that? Has it worked for you? I know competition is great out there and each author has to do what they can to get their work in front of the readers. I know a lot of authors are trying whatever gimmick they can to be discovered.

I have completed writing two more books in my head but have not taken the time to use the keyboard to put those two completed on the computer and have it edited. Just for your information, they are IronHeart and Saddle Spur. So, expect them next year to be published, I think?

Have a nice day, talk back. I’m listening. Here is a short plug, “If you are interested in reading a book soon, go to http://www.amazon.com/agmoye ” to pick out something you would like to read.


One thought on “Why do I re-blog and other idiotic thoughts.

  1. I have a confession…. to me you look a lot like the guy on HeeHaw his name fails me at the moment,,hope you’re not angry over that observation

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