Paperbacks- Do you still read them?

With all the rants about ebooks some times you feel no one reads paperbacks anymore. Truth is, a lot still read paperbacks and enjoy them. To them, there is no greater joy than picking up a book and smelling that old familiar odor that you can’t get from an ebook. The crispness of turning each page is addictive. All my books are available in paperback for those that desire them. Now, the Geekairy Store besides Amazon. They can be found at this link A couple are on page 6 but on page seven is my more popular “Chronicles of the Marauder-Marauder Rising” for your enjoyment. Drop by and take a look, some are moderately priced and some expensive depending on the publisher. Chronicles is only $12.49, very affordable. I know most new writers depend solidly on ebook sales but I know there is a lot of people that don’t read ebooks.  I have one reader that drives fifty miles to get my latest paperback, he prefers hardbacks but they are too expensive to produce.  He loves the Lightning in the Tunnel series and can’t wait to get the latest book. That is why I wrote this post when informed by the Geekairy that my paperbacks were now available for purchase there. I checked it out and they were there, so take heart all you non-ebook readers, you can get a taste of my work in print.

Have a nice day. Talk back, I’m listening!

5 thoughts on “Paperbacks- Do you still read them?

  1. I don’t own an e-reader of any type. I still love the feel and smell of books. A bit of burden travelling, but one I carry.

  2. It’s comforting to hear writers like you continue to publish hardcopy books, the way it should be. One of the worst things mankind can do is get rid of printed books. It’s euphoric flipping through the pages and taking in that aroma!
    I hope it never gets taken away. I never got into the ebook thing even though I gave it a shot. Few pages in and I’m out.

    • I had a collection of printed books where I sit working on the computer, every now and then, I have to stop reading on my PC and go over to read one just to get the feel of the book in my hands. As far as I am concerned, like you I hope they never go away. When I was a young child, I used to love to go to my neighbors house and be allowed to take an old book home to read. Some were his father and grandfather’s books. I couldn’t imagine a world where you have no books on your selves. A.G.

  3. Absolutely there is nothing like a physical copy of a book with a visually attractive and or thought provoking cover!

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