I should be in bed!

9d135-addtogoodreads Like the picture, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to post staying up late . So I just went to my media pictures and saw this one. I hope WordPress don’t ban me like they did the Opinionatedman for pushing good reads because I have my books there. LOL. It was sure sad to learn what they did to him, I met a lot of fellow bloggers on his meet and greet thread. Some actually followed me back, that was nice. When you want to blog but don’t really know what you want to say, this is what you get.

I didn’t want to post another reblog or another tour, I am posting enough of those on my other blog spot called Lightning Chronicles. I enjoy supporting Indie authors, don’t get me wrong but I guess I want to say something about things on my mind. I haven’t been going for my morning walks, it has been too cold for me. It is easier to stay in bed with the warm wife to keep me warm. LOL Yet that allows my blood sugar to stay high. I’m a diabetic. All the holidays didn’t help either, I guess I put on a few extra pounds. There is a slight warming trend coming up so I should get back to walking. Using the gazelle exerciser helps some but not enough.

Besides blogging and commenting on  other post, I haven’t written a single word in the three books I am working on. That is unusual for me. I normally spend about six hours a day working on my books, writing or working with my new editor.

Talk back, I’m Listening!


9 thoughts on “I should be in bed!

  1. I’m suffering from the ‘blogging and not writing’ germ too. Must be catching!! 🙂

  2. What is the real truth? What did OM do?

  3. Ohh wow really there is a limit to how many you follow??

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