A little bored today, how about you?

George (18) I don’t know why I am feeling bored. I watched one football game today to allow my slight hangover fade. When the second one started, I couldn’t get into it. It has turned into a blowout anyway so I guess I was justified in not setting in front of the tube and doing nothing. At half time, I sat down here and checked my emails and other blogs I follow. Nothing caught my interest so I went to Facebook and scanned the stream for awhile letting my wife comment while I watched. She likes to make comments on other posts. When she grew tired of it, I took back my computer and checked the WordPress blogs I follow. Nothing caught my attention there except for a post by “The Reading Ape” so I liked it and decided to post this blog. Celebrating my wife and three of my friend’s birthday a little too much was what put me into a do nothing funk for most of the day. I guess next week I have to get to posting some more reviews of the books I have read but not posted yet. The nice thing about being a reviewer is I get to read for free a lot of books that I normally would not. I was surprised to find many caught and held my attention to the end. Normally if it is not my favorite genre, I lose interest quickly. Not so with this latest batch!

What do you do when you get bored? Or do you ever get bored?

Talk back, I’m listening.


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