#Blizzard2015 Cold Weather Survival Information

Very good information on survival. A.G.

Bob Mayer

SurvivalFinalFrom The Green Beret Survival Guide

I commanded an A-Team in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  10th Group had the distinction of being the ‘cold weather’ Group, since it was oriented toward Europe.  We often sent teams to Finland, Norway, Denmark and other cold regions for training.  An annual event was Winter Warfare Training, where each battalion deployed for almost two months.  We learned to ski, then survive and operate in high altitude and cold weather.  My first winter warfare was an eye-opening experience for me.  There were many tricks of the trade learned, but several key lessons:

  1. Everything takes at least twice as long to achieve in cold weather.
  2. Fire is eventually an essential.  Whether for melting snow and ice into water, cooking meals, drying out clothing and gear, or just warming people up.
  3. Moving on snow with heavy equipment is extraordinarily hard.  Go back to…

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