A little help for a fellow author, Norma Horton

Ordinarily I do not post a personal request from authors but this time I made an exception. I have reviewed her latest book and can see why she drew so close to landing a book deal. Read on and if you can re-blog this to get the word out to everyone about her.
NLB Horton's profile photoMy name is Norma Horton. You are participating in the tour for The Brothers Keepers that Teddy Rose is hosting during January and February.
This email is a personal appeal during the month of February. Right off the bat, let me tell you how much I appreciate the help you already have been in promoting my work. But February is an extraordinary month and presents an equally extraordinary opportunity.
When Camels Fly was considered—in its entirety— by multiple imprints at EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Big Five publishers. The manuscript reached the final-decision level in three. This rarely happens to an unpublished author’s work because houses only release one or two books by previously unpublished authors every year.
In the end, they all said, “there’s something here,” but didn’t know what to do with my protagonist, Grace Madison. Apparently, women my age just don’t do the things Grace does, and we’re not interested in reading about such adventures, either.  (Pfffffft.)
So my literary agent and I decided to rely on my decades in marketing and advertising to self publish. Even though it is almost impossible to break out as a self-published author, my books are doing well.
But back to February. With a more than 90 percent rejection rate, BookBub is THE place for indie authors to break through the crowd. When Camels Fly will be a featured book on BookBub FEBRUARY 12. Repercussions/sales from a single-day listing last for three to four weeks. This BookBub spot follows an Amazon promotion of The Brothers’ Keepers the first week of February.
During the remainder of February, Goodreads, BookMovement, Kindle Nation, The Fussy Librarian, Library Insider, and about a half a dozen other book-promoting websites will feature When Camels Fly. To be honest, February will tell my literary agent and me if my work appeals to the general market. If it does, she is returning to the Big Five with sales numbers, and I’m sure their acquisitions staffs will enjoy negotiating with two middle-aged women.
: )
Easily a hundred thousand new readers will be exposed to archaeologist Grace Madison and her family and friends in February. These really are miraculous opportunities.
If you’d like to promote these promotions, here are the details.
first week of February:  The Brothers’ Keepers $1.99
February 10 through 21:  When Camels Fly $0.99
February 22 through 26:  WCF $1.99
February 27 through March 3:  WCF $2.99
My dedicated hashtag for this promotion is #NLBPromo if you care to tweet about it. I’m also designing a graphic in which you can embed a hyperlink to the relevant Amazon listing in case you want to share the word about the promotion on your blog or website or facebook page. Or Pinterest!
I’m also considering releasing to any participating blogger a sneak peek of book 3 (if I still retain rights to do so). I do not have the parameters of this worked out yet, but am shooting for an ARC of the book by August 1. It will release next January.
So, know that I appreciate your time, your reading, your reviews, and your support. I learn from what you think of my work, and it informs my writing. (Book 3 has Grace in London right now before heading for Greece. There’s mischief afoot!)
Thank you for what you’ve done, and for anything you are comfortable doing.
Talk back, I’m listening. Help Norma out by spreading the word.

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