On my second Cocktail, now I think I can.

73825-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamLast night, I went out on the town and had a few drinks. All day long, I have been in sort of a funk. Not feeling bad, just had the lack of focus. I couldn’t do any writing today so I went outside and worked on the hayloft making it into a man cave. I guess since I didn’t have to really think, I was able to function. Later, I came in for dinner and was back into my state of funk, not really wanting to do anything. I checked my email and still no spark. Finally, I decided to have a cocktail and see if that would bring me back to normal to allow me to get some writing done tonight. For some reason, I have not been in the writing mood this week. Since i planned to stay home tonight, I wanted to write a little. This blog is my attempt at getting the juices flowing. I really do not want to drink that much, just hoping it will help me get out of the funk that are under-motivating me today. Normally, I have several stories demanding my attention. I need a clear head to get them written.  I just have to find the motivation to do so. I think I will stop writing tonight and join my wife watching the first Harry Potter movie. Maybe that will trigger my mind to start writing something. Have a great night and talk back, I’m listening.


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