Just passing thoughts around.

I chose not to add a picture on this post, why might you ask? I have no clue. My mind keeps jumping all over all day long. I am re-writing one of my books in my head. Then it jumps to other things, such as blog posts and then I am not sure where it disappears to. I know we are preparing to go on a trip later this week. Maybe, that is what is nagging at me. Snow and ice kept me in all day, maybe I needed to go outside today and do something. That usually helps me focus.

I spent the last two hours reading other blogs, some were interesting but none really held my attention. Sorry about that fellow bloggers, today is just not a good day. Maybe, I need to read a book because as usual, TV stinks as far as I’m concerned. I guess nothing really holds my attention today.

Have a good week and talk back, I;m listening. I have nothing better to do, I think I need a drink. LOL

Two hours later, three drinks later and I feel great. My sister called and she talks so much I had my wife to make me a double. I am feeling no pain now. LOL I can even write now, just might not know in the morning what I said. Night all!


4 thoughts on “Just passing thoughts around.

  1. Hey, sometimes reading blogs aren’t interesting, sometimes you’re just not in the mood. No need to apologize. Although, I am new to your blog so maybe I am not entitled to that opinion yet. lol

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