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f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamNormally, each day I work on a different book. I have four in various stages of being finished but for some reason I seem to stay on the rewrite of one of my old books being transformed from tell to show that I feel most people will enjoy more. It is one of my lesser known books that I have renamed “Dangerous Rescue”  I am nearing the end and will next have it edited before re-publishing. Speaking of editing, right now my popular Chronicles of the Marauder- Marauder Rising is having a face lift, re-editing that I think will make it even more popular. The nice thing about being an indie author you can go back and make the book more to your liking without anyone telling you that you can’t. My book “Lightning Rages” is still being edited. It has been started editing but is a long way from being done. My book “IronHeart” about a you man forced to grow up suddenly when his parents are killed in a car crash where he finds his parents were less than model citizens and involved with some unsavory characters and professions. He finds a half brother and sister that he didn’t know existed. “Unlucky Penny” another book I am writing also is a story about a female police officer that kills a unarmed black woman. My western is down to the last two chapters then it will be going into the list to be edited by my editing team. I never realized editing takes so long but when it is done word for word and line by line it takes time. Well enough junk today about my writing, talk back, I’m listening.

Have a great day and a great week. What are your plans for this week?

5 thoughts on “About my writing

  1. There’s obviously two camps on this: you can choose an Anthony Hopkins approach (he’s never watched any movie he was in, apparently; he does the best performance he can, and moves on to the next product) or you can revise. The question is that is it better to go back and revise old works, or put your energy into new work? Certainly, the big advantage of epublish is doing just that: revise your old stuff. New readers will appreciate it, perhaps. I’m a huge advocate for correcting all the comma errors and tyops that plague first editions in most epublishing.

    • Matt, Thanks for the advice, I know I should keep going on old works but as you mentioned it is good for my readers to go back and correct some of my earlier works in my efforts to get the story out.

  2. […] Moye over at Lightning Books is discussing whether to push through on the four (!) manuscripts he has in progress, or to go back to the shiny allure of polishing already published […]

  3. You’ve got a lot in the works! I’m trying to finish a novella for indie pubbing around Christmas (2 scenes to go) and then I hope to start the second book in a series I’m working on. Book one is currently with my publisher for consideration.

    I have a friend who is currently doing revising and polishing some previous indie titles. She’s definitely making her books stronger.

    I’m one of those weird writers who can only concentrate on one project at a time, LOL. Here’s hoping we both have a productive week!

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