Rave Reviews Book Club- Recruitment Night

 This is a friendly reminder that today, April 30th, is our Recruitment Day.​​

As an added bonus, NEW Members can join Rave Reviews Book Club at the discounted price of $15!! Members who are interested in upgrading their membership to a PAID status at this time, may also take advantage of this highly discounted rate today. Please keep this special, one-day offer in mind when you’re inviting people to join us.

When and if you can, please take the day to invite your friends, family and social media contacts through tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts. Let’s spread the word about the wonderful support and perks that Rave Reviews Book Club Members receive on a daily basis! Remember, the greater our membership, the greater our SUPPORT!!
If you would like more information on how you can participate, please email our Membership & Incentives Director, John Fioravanti, at RaveReviewsMembership@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to tell them that A.G. Moye sent you. Drop by and join at this discounted price.


4 thoughts on “Rave Reviews Book Club- Recruitment Night

  1. so sorry I can’t share it on my blog because of PIF Week but I loved it! Thanks for your support, A. G.!

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